Postmortem lesions

PM lesions are swelling of digital: tenosynovits /Viral arthritis .flexor and metatarsal extensor tendons Swelling of the foot pad and hock joint tinted -colored or blood-l amount of straw The hock contain a small amount of purulent exudates in few cases. Early in the infection there is marked edema of the tarsal and metatarsal tendon sheaths, Petechial hemorrhages are frequently present in the synovial membrane above the hock which enlargement of the proventric :Malabsorption syndrome may hemorrhagic or necrotic


Edema during acute phase: tenosynovits /Viral arthritis coagulate necrosis, heterophil accumulation and perivascular .infeltration are seen. Hyperplasia of synovial cells. Hypertrophy and. Infiltration of heterophil between myocardial fibers

sisproventriculities with focal necrosis: Malabsorption syndrome. Myocarditis Atrophy of the bursa of Fabricius Catarrhal entritis and pancreatitis.

Atrophy of the intestinal villi.



Serological identification

Prevention and control

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of poultry house.

Using chicks from reovirus-free breeder flocks.

Avoid direct or indirect contact with infected or carrier birds.


By vaccination with viable Active immunization can be achieved. Inoculation or by coarse spray/attenuated reovirus through S Vaccination of breederw ith live or inactivated reovirus vaccinesor combination of both. Vaccination of breeder flocks should be prior to the onset of egg production. Maternal immunity can protect young chicks.